Sunday, October 31, 2010

The D Programming Language Rocks

Right now I am parsing my way through Andrei Alexandrescu's 'The D programming language' and so far I am loving everything in it. This language hits a real sweet spot for a developer - tight, native executables, good integration with C libraries, a nice functional programming paradigm, generics support (*real* generics not the pseduo crap that we have in Java), support for modular programming, the no-shared-data way of doing concurrency and all the above in a clean, readable even elegant syntax.

Wow - just simply wow. Of course, I need to do some *real* programming like writing some usable frameworks/apps/libraries in D before jumping the gun, but I do have to say that it looks *really* good. Considering that my beloved Java is sucky and stale nowadays and its providence in Oracular hands is murky at best, D appears to offer a clean and powerful alternative.

VIM D editing support: