Friday, June 12, 2009

Space Opera by David Drake

I have always been a science-fiction/fantasy addict - it's a wonderful 'escapist' way to leave the real world behind and literally 'live' in another's imagination.

Having always been an "HonorVerse" fan, I only recently commenced the "RCN series" by David Drake. It's highly enjoyable space-opera - not anything that makes a deep impact in the SF/fantasy world, but just plain fun nevertheless.
The books describe the adventures of Lt Leary (who gets promoted over time) and his signals officer Adele Mundy. Adele Mundy, who is described in the books (by her peers) as the best 'information specialist' in the galaxy, is actually a hacker - and she has to be the best 'space-age' hacker that I have seen described in any space-opera fantasy. Not only that - she is an expert shot with her pistol. (And yeah - I have a small crush on her)
I can't help admit that I devoured all the books in the series within a fortnight and now need to wait for a l-o-o-ng time till Mr Drake comes up with something new.

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