Thursday, November 16, 2006

Elune Evensong/Moonsong - Avatar of Elune, Moon Goddess (Fantasy)

who has played Warcraft / World of Warcraft knows who is Elune. For the un-initiated, please do refer WoW or Wikipedia!

I do doubt however, that any male is so terminally affected with fantasy that he would day-dream about a goddess's avatar - and an imaginary one at that! I do have the small saving grace that her picture in my mind is not the conventional one of a beautiful Night Elf. No, not at all.. it's one of a spectacular High Elf - one whom I keep dreaming about.

Goddess, Hear my call ! (thats one of the game character voice bites)

Her mane is spun from fair moonlight,
Her eyes are a mirror to the artic sky!
Her voice - a blend of crystal chimes,
Her smile can melt the Sun to cry!

Her verve - the vigor of monsoon wind,
Her art - the height of arcane skill!
Her sight can make any pain rescind!
Her love - the promise of trust fulfilled!
...and her kiss can cause burns on skin!.. :-)

(to be filled in)

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