Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A trip to Bannerghatta National Park

This is one of the VERY few places near to Bangalore that still has some wildlife and greenery left - and as a result is a standard weekend destination.

I work in SAP Labs and some colleagues of mine from Walldorf wanted to see some tigers and ride some elephants. This was the closest place around where they could get to see some wildlife. Unfortunately for them, the elephants were 'tired' and so there were no rides scheduled that day. However, we opted in for the wildlife safari and could see some critters. They were happy. :)

Here is a cute tiger!

The more-or-less full album at Bannerghatta Pics

Non-optimized videos at:
White Tiger
Bengal Tiger
Lazy Lionesses

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Tarun Elankath said...

Yes, I will probably upload the pictures this week.